Ecology of Salvelinus alpinus alpinus
Main Ref. Morton, W.M., 1982
Marine - Neritic
  • supra-littoral zone
  • littoral zone
  • sublittoral zone
Marine - Oceanic
  • epipelagic
  • mesopelagic
  • epipelagic
  • abyssopelagic
  • hadopelagic
  • estuaries/lagoons/brackish seas
  • mangroves
  • marshes/swamps
  • rivers/streams
  • lakes/ponds
  • caves
  • exclusively in caves
Highighted items on the list are where Salvelinus alpinus alpinus may be found.
Remarks Occurs in deep runs and pools of medium to large rivers, and lakes (Ref. 5723). Anadromous forms spend a considerable time of their lives at sea; non-migratory populations remain in lakes and rivers (Ref. 4779). Freshwater populations feed on planktonic crustaceans, amphipods, mollusks, insects and fishes (Ref. 4479, 6258). Among the marine fishes eaten are cottids (Myxocephalus groenlandicus, Triglops pingeli), arctic cod (Boreogadus saida), sand lance (Ammodytes spp.), snailfishes (Liparis spp.) and smaller Arctic char (Ref. 5951). Extremely sensitive to water pollution (cold water and oxygen oriented) (Ref. 2163).


Substrate Ref.
Special habitats
Special habitats Ref.


Associated with
Association remarks Parasites of the species include 1 protozoan, 1 monogenean, 8 trematodes, 10 cestodes, 11 nematodes, 3 acanthocephalans and 3 copepods; also included are roundworms (Philonema sp.) in the body cavity and immature stages in the viscera and tapeworms (Eubothrium salveline) in the intestinal tract, chiefly in the duodenum and pyloric caeca (Ref. 5951).


Feeding type mainly animals (troph. 2.8 and up)
Feeding type ref Morton, W.M., 1982
Feeding habit hunting macrofauna (predator)
Feeding habit ref
Trophic level(s)
Original sample Unfished population Remark
Estimation method Troph s.e. Troph s.e.
From diet composition 4.39 0.51 4.27 0.76 Troph of juv./adults from 2 studies.
Ref. Morton, W.M., 1982
From individual food items 3.46 0.68 Trophic level estimated from a number of food items using a randomized resampling routine.
(e.g. 346)
(e.g. cnidaria)
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