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Name used Year Latitude Longitude Catalog No. Information
Bulbonaricus davaoensis1971-4.0539.6715520INDISCHER OZEAN, W-, KENIA, SSO-, MOMBASA* , LWS 1 FADEN
Portal: GBIF. Source: SMF
Data from GBIF data index - original values.
Ichthyocampus davaoensis Herald, 19536.73125.77FB 2739457Davao Gulf, 6°44'N, 125°46'E, Mindanao I., Philippines, surface.
Portal: FB. Source: FB
Bulbonaricus davaoensis-13.90144.60I.20774-004OFF CAPE MELVILLE : N TIP of UNNAMED REEF TOP near GBRPA reef no 14-034
Portal: GBIF. Source: AM
Data from GBIF data index - original values.
Bulbonaricus davaoensis1979-12.07144.60I20774004 Portal: OBIS. Source: AM
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