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Name used Year Latitude Longitude Catalog No. Information
Acentrogobius cauerensis19359.31123.31ZMH 18899Herre ded. 12.XI.1935, Dumaguete, Philippinen
Portal: FB. Source: ZMH
Acentrogobius cauerensis1985-5.16145.82GCRL 22699S. G. POSS & D. FAUTIN, 4 nautical miles north of Madang across Nagada Harbor from Jais Aben Resort dive boat entry.
Portal: FB. Source: GCRL
Gnatholepis scapulostigma1994-5.17150.37FISH 387475Kimbe bay, New Britain
Portal: FB. Source: FISH
Gnatholepis cauerensis1994-5.17150.37FISH 387127Kimbe bay, New Britain
Portal: FB. Source: FISH
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