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Name used Year Latitude Longitude Catalog No. Information
Nothobranchius kafuensis Wildekamp & Rosenstock, 1-15.0526.00FB 2742783Seasonal pool in Kafue National park, 5 km south of Chunga-Lager, 100 m from Kafue R., 15°03'S, 26°00'E, Zambia.
Portal: FB. Source: FB
Nothobranchius kafuensis-15.0526.00P 89007.0001Oestergaard K., poel in Kafue National park, 5 km südlich von Chungu Lager, 100m von Kafue fluss
Portal: FB. Source: P
Nothobranchius kafuensis-16.2227.52P 89007.000689007.0008Rosenstock & Oestergaard, gelände der Kayuni state farm, 10 km nördlich von Monze
Portal: FB. Source: P
Nothobranchius kafuensis-16.1827.52P A1092.0001Staiger M., Kayuni area, farm #19, 11km N. of Monze
Portal: FB. Source: P
Nothobranchius kafuensis-15.8328.03P 89007.000289007.0005Rosenstock & Oestergaard, poel bij Nega Nega, einer nebenstrasse an rechtse seite hauptstrasse Lusaka- Maramba, 18 km von Kafue brücke
Portal: FB. Source: P
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