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13499 Seale, A., 1910. New species of Philippine fishes. Philipp. J. Sci 4(6):491-543. 1910 Gnatholepis davaoensis 537
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280 Herre, A.W.C.T., 1953. Check list of Philippine fishes. Res. Rep. U.S. Fish Wild. Serv., (20):977 p. 1953 Gnatholepis gemmeus 751
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28618 Randall, J.E., 1997. Randall's tank photos. Collection of 10,000 large-format photos (slides) of dead fishes. Unpublished. 1997 Gnatholepis davaoensis -->
31667 Anonymous, 1998. Fish collection database of the Bernice P. Bishop Museum (BPBM). Bishop Museum, 1525 Bernice Street, Honolulu, Hawai`I, 96817-0916 USA. 1998 Gnatholepis davaoensis -->
36648 Randall, J.E. and K.K.P. Lim (eds.), 2000. A checklist of the fishes of the South China Sea. Raffles Bull. Zool. Suppl. (8):569-667. 2000 Gnatholepis davaoensis 638
38732 Anonymous, 2001. Fish collection database of the National Museum of Natural History (Smithsonian Institution). Smithsonian Institution-Division of Fishes. 2001 Gnatholepis davaoensis -->
41653 Randall, J.E. and D.W. Greenfield, 2001. A preliminary review of the Indo-Pacific gobiid fishes of the genus Gnatholepis. Occas. Pap. J.L.B. Smith Inst. Ichthyol. 69:1-17. 2001 Gnatholepis davaoensis 12;pl.IIF-G
48637 Kuiter, R.H. and T. Tonozuka, 2001. Pictorial guide to Indonesian reef fishes. Part 3. Jawfishes - Sunfishes, Opistognathidae - Molidae. Zoonetics, Australia. p. 623-893. 2001 Gnatholepis ophthalmotaenia 672;fig.A-C
47438 Anonymous, 2003. Fish collection of the Royal Ontario Museum. Royal Ontario Museum. 2003 Gnatholepis davaoensis -->
47567 Allen, G.R. and M. Adrim, 2003. Coral reef fishes of Indonesia. Zool. Stud. 42(1):1-72. 2003 Gnatholepis ophthalmotaenia 58
92171 Larson, H.K. and D.J. Buckle, 2012. A revision of the goby genus Gnatholepis Bleeker (Teleostei, Gobiidae, Gobionellinae), with description of a new species. Zootaxa 3529:1-69. 2012 Gnatholepis ophthalmotaenia 43;fig.12E,21-23;tab.5-8,13
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