Larvae Information Summary for  Galaxiella munda
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Main Ref: Gill, H.S. and F.J. Neira 1998
Yolk-sac larvae
  max min mod Ref.
Length at birth (mm) 5     33842
Preanal L. % TL 69 64    
Place of development  
Larval area Big Brook (a tributary of the Donnelly River, near Pemberton, WA)
Yolk-sac       Ref:  
Yolk   Oil globules  
Rows on tail  
Other melanophores on tail  
Post larvae
Striking feature none
Striking shape lateral short and/or deep dorsal tadpole-like
Striking feature none
Shape of gut elongated
Gas bladder   early visible late visible
Spinal armature   early   late  
Pigmentation early
Rows on tail dorsal + ventral row
Other melanophores on tail one dorso-ventral cluster or band
Melanophores on head + trunk melanophores on head + trunk
Pigmentation late
Rows on tail dorsal + ventral + lateral row
Other melanophores on tail tail partly covered with melanophores
Melanophores on head + trunk melanophores on head + trunk
Urostyle region   early pigmented late pigmented
Peritoneum with row of melanophores
Pectorals fin rays only with rows of melanophores
Pelvics fin rays only with melanophores
Diagnostic characters: gut long; body moderately pigmented dorsally and ventrally; internal pigment along base of hindbrain; melanophores scattered on isthmus, cleithral symphysis and ventral surface of gut; melanophores along edges of rays of all fins. Sequence of fin development: caudal (5.8-13.6 mm); dorsal (7.5-13.6 mm); anal (7.5-13.6 mm); pectoral (9.4-13.6 mm); pelvic (>12.0 mm). Presence of minute villiform teeth along both jaws by early flexion stage, relatively large by early postflexion stage. Gut initially straight and without a distinct stomach, looped by transforming stage; stomach is clearly formed by flexion stage and lies to the right of the intestine in ventral view. Small gas bladder over foregut. Yolk sac is resorbed by early flexion stage. Preanal membrane and remnants of dorsal finfold still present in transforming larvae.
Meristic characters
  max min mod Ref.
Total number of myomeres 44 41   33842
Preanal number of myomeres 26 25   33842
  L 1st feeding Ref. Months of presence of larvae
max     Jan Feb Mar Apr
min   May Jun Jul Aug
mod     Sep Oct Nov Dec
Water parameters     Metric characters
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