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Glaucosoma hebraicum  Richardson, 1845

West Australian dhufish
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Image of Glaucosoma hebraicum (West Australian dhufish)
Glaucosoma hebraicum
Picture by Shao, K.T.

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ماهبان شعاع باله > Perciformes (Perch-likes) > Glaucosomatidae (Pearl perches)
Etymology: Glaucosoma: Greek, glaukos = white, shining + Greek, soma = body (Ref. 45335).   More on author: Richardson.

محيط زيست / آب و هوا _ اقليم / Range بوم شناسي

; دريايي وابسته به آب سنگ; غير مهاجر; تغييرات عمق 1 - 200 m (Ref. 27560).   Subtropical, preferred ?; 16°S - 36°S

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Eastern Indian Ocean: endemic to Australian waters. Distributed from the Recherche Archipelago off Esperance, to Beagle Island, although they are rare north of Shark Bay. Records from Japan (Ref. 559, 12517) and Taiwan (Ref. 5193) are Glaucosoma buergeri (Ref. 27621).

Length at first maturity / Size / Weight / سن

Maturity: Lm 30.1, range 59 - ? cm
Max length : 122 cm TL جنس نر / بدون خواص جنسي; (Ref. 27296); common length : 80.0 cm TL جنس نر / بدون خواص جنسي; (Ref. 27621); بيشينه وزن گزارش شده: 26.0 kg (Ref. 27621)

توصيف مختصر ريخت شناسي | ريخت ستجي بوسيله انداره گيري

خارهاي باله پشتي (کل): 8; شعاع نرم باله پشتي (کل): 11; خارهاي باله مخرجي 3; شعاع نرم باله مخرجي: 9. One dark vertical band through eye which may disappear with an increase in size; 11 dorsal fin rays and 9 anal fin rays. Supraclavicle not developed into a bony shield. Peritoneum and gill rakers pale; lateral line with 44 to 48 pored scales; juveniles with wide dark horizontal bands wider than interspaces.

زيست شناسي     واژه نامه (بعنوان مثال epibenthic)

Westralian jewfish live in shallow inshore waters and depths to over 200 m (Ref. 27560). They are present over hard, flat sea beds (e.g. limestone shelf) and in reefs, wrecks and underwater caverns and gutters. Adult fish move into shallower waters in the cooler months between April and June (Ref. 27560, 27561). Juveniles tend to remain in shallower water than adults and are rarely found in waters more than 100 m deep (Ref. 27560). Adults feed mainly on fish, also rock lobsters, crabs, squid, octopus and cuttlefish. Marketed as fresh fish (Ref. 10384).

Life cycle and mating behavior بلوغ | تولید مثل | تخم ریزی | تخم ها | Fecundity | توزاد ( لارو)

Female Westralian jewfish are broadcast spawners, releasing floating eggs into the water column; these are pelagic and can be carried large distances on ocean surface currents (Ref. 6390). Larvae feed on plankton (Ref. 6390).

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McKay, R.J., 1997. FAO Species Catalogue. Vol. 17. Pearl perches of the world (family Glaucosomatidae). An annotated and illustrated catalogue of the pearl peches known to date. FAO Fish. Synop. 125(17):26p. Rome: FAO. (Ref. 27621)

وضعيت در فهرست قرمز IUCN (Ref. 115185)

CITES (Ref. 94142)

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