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Umbra pygmaea  (DeKay, 1842)

Eastern mudminnow
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Lớp phụ (Subclass) cá vây tia > Esociformes (Pikes and mudminnows) > Umbridae (Mudminnows)
Etymology: Umbra: Latin, umbra, -ae = shadow, in the sense of phantom; due to its quick movements (Ref. 45335).

Môi trường / Khí hậu / Phạm vi Sinh thái học

; Nước ngọt gần đáy; pH range: 6.0 - 6.5; dH range: 3 - 8; không di cư.   Temperate; 4°C - 23°C (Ref. 1672), preferred ?; 42°N - 30°N

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North America: Atlantic and Gulf slopes from southeastern New York (including Long Island) to St.Johns River drainage in Florida and west to Aucilla River drainage in Florida and Georgia, USA (Ref. 5723). Introduced (but very localized) to central and western Europe (Ref. 59043).

Length at first maturity / Bộ gần gũi / Khối lượng (Trọng lượng) / Age

Maturity: Lm 3.7  range ? - ? cm
Max length : 13.7 cm TL con đực/không giới tính; (Ref. 88166); 15.0 cm TL (female)

Short description Hình thái học | Sinh trắc học

Các tia vây lưng cứng (tổng cộng): 0; Các vây lưng mềm (tổng cộng): 14-15; Tia cứng vây hậu môn 0; Tia mềm vây hậu môn: 8 - 11. Body robust, thick, little compressed; head bluntly conic; snout short, equal to diameter of eye; mouth moderate, jaws short, mandible protrudes slightly beyond tip of upper jaw, premaxillaries not protractile. Gill rakers short and numerous. Dorsal inserted near pectoral than caudal base; pelvic inserted just before origin of dorsal , rays of depressed fin reaching to about 3rd anal ray. Caudal fin rounded, with 18-20 rays (Ref. 2196). Pigmentation: yellowish green with 10-12 narrow lateral dark stripes; a dark stripe through eye; a black basicaudal bar; lower jaw pale; fins plain. Also Ref. 40476.

Sinh học     Tự điển (thí dụ epibenthic)

Inhabits quiet streams, sloughs, swamps and other wetlands over sand, mud and debris, often among dense vegetation. Juveniles also found among aquatic vegetation, often forming schools of 10-12 individuals (Ref. 39069). An introduced species in Europe which usually occurs in small isolated ponds and peat bogs (Ref. 59043). Oviparous, larvae remain in algal nest for about 6 days (Ref. 39067). Spawning takes place in April and May (Ref. 30578). Feeds on insect larvae, worms, mollusks, crustaceans alevins. Experimental studies show that this species can tolerate acidic environment, particularly, at ph values ranging from 4.0 to 7.0 where no mortality or significant changes in blood plasma osmolarity and haematocrit was observed (Ref. 59260).

Life cycle and mating behavior Chín muồi sinh dục | Sự tái sinh sản | Đẻ trứng | Các trứng | Sự sinh sản | Ấu trùng

Main reference Upload your references | Các tài liệu tham khảo | Người điều phối | Người cộng tác

Page, L.M. and B.M. Burr, 1991. A field guide to freshwater fishes of North America north of Mexico. Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston. 432 p. (Ref. 5723)

IUCN Red List Status (Ref. 115185)

CITES (Ref. 94142)

Not Evaluated

Threat to humans


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Các nghề cá: không ích lợi (thú vị); Bể nuôi cá: Tính thương mại
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