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Serranochromis jallae  (Boulenger, 1896)

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Image of Serranochromis jallae (Nembwe)
Serranochromis jallae
Picture by Mertens, P.

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ماهبان شعاع باله > Perciformes (Perch-likes) > Cichlidae (Cichlids) > Pseudocrenilabrinae
Etymology: Serranochromis: Latin, serra = saw + Greek, chromis = a fish, perhaps a perch (Ref. 45335).

محيط زيست / آب و هوا _ اقليم / Range بوم شناسي

; آب شيرين نزديك كف زي.   Tropical, preferred ?

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Africa: Kasai system (middle Congo River basin) in Angola (Ref. 11970), upper Lualaba in Democratic Republic of the Congo (Ref. 97233) and the Mweru-Bangweulu area (Ref. 95585, 97233) (upper Congo River basin). Also known from the Okavango delta (Ref. 27501), Caprivi Strip (Ref. 37065), Cunene River (Ref. 13332), upper and middle Zambezi (Lake Kariba, Kafue and Luangwa systems) (Ref. 94654, 97235). Introduced into localities in Zimbabwe (Ref. 94654), into the Sabi River (Ref. 13721) and into Botswana, South Africa and Swaziland (Ref. 6465).

Size / Weight / سن

Maturity: Lm ?  range ? - ? cm
Max length : 39.6 cm SL جنس نر / بدون خواص جنسي; (Ref. 5693)

زيست شناسي     واژه نامه (بعنوان مثال epibenthic)

Lives in well-vegetated quiet waters or near submerged trees or rocks in the lee of the river’s main current, lunging out to capture prey (Ref. 5614). Juveniles occur mainly in lagoons and secondary channels (Ref. 7248, 94654), while adults prefer deep main channels and permanent lagoons (Ref. 7248). Large specimens patrol open water of rivers and lakes, never very far from shore (Ref. 246). Predator on fish but also feeds on aquatic and terrestrial insects, shrimps and small crabs (Ref. 13337). Adults often feed on squeakers (Ref. 7248, 13337, 94654). Mouthbrooder (Ref. 246, 13337, 13721) and multiple spawner (Ref. 13337). Constructs shallow nest on sandy or muddy substrate in shallow water (Ref. 13337). Reported to have adverse impact on native fish species in Zimbabwe (Ref. 94654).

Life cycle and mating behavior بلوغ | تولید مثل | تخم ریزی | تخم ها | Fecundity | توزاد ( لارو)

Incubates eggs in the mouth. Constructs a shallow concave nest on a sandy or muddy substrate in fairly shallow water.

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Snoeks, J. and M. Hanssens, 2004. Identification guidelines to other non-mbuna. p.266-310. In Snoeks, J. (ed.) The cichlid diversity of Lake Malawi/Nyasa/Niassa: identification, distribution and taxonomy. Cichlid Press, El Paso, USA, 360p. (Ref. 55954)

وضعيت در فهرست قرمز IUCN (Ref. 115185)

CITES (Ref. 94142)

Not Evaluated

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