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culture-based capture fishery
directed fishery, fishery pêche sélective pesquería dirigida
fishery pêcherie pesquería pescaria
fishery biologist
fishery biology
fishery dependent data
fishery independent data
industrial fishery
inshore fishery
limited entry fishery, entry fishery, fishery pêcherie contrôlée pesquería controlada pescaria com quotas autorizadas
mixed fishery
offshore fishery
open access fishery, access fishery, fishery pêcherie non règlementée pescaria sem limite de captura
put-and-take fishery
recreational fishery
rotational fishery, fishery
selective fishery, fishery
senescent fishery, fishery
small-scale fishery, fishery
spawning fishery
subsistence fishery, fishery pêcherie de subsistance pescaria de subsistência
transnational fishery
troll fishery
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