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Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Perciformes
Family: Carangidae Jacks and pompanos
Subfamily: Naucratinae
Genus: Seriola

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Photo by Pinheiro, P.

Eastern Atlantic
Max. Length 72.5 cm TL
Seriola carpenteri Mather, 1971

Photo by Pinheiro, P.
Seriola carpenteri
[Guinean amberjack]

Photo by Pontes, M.

Circumglobal. Indo-West
Max. Length 190 cm TL
Seriola dumerili (Risso, 1810)

Photo by Pontes, M.
Seriola dumerili
[Greater amberjack]

Photo by Wirtz, P.

Western Atlantic
Max. Length 67.5 cm FL
Seriola fasciata (Bloch, 1793)

Photo by Wirtz, P.
Seriola fasciata
[Lesser amberjack]

Photo by CSIRO

Max. Length 150 cm TL
Seriola hippos Günther, 1876

Photo by CSIRO
Seriola hippos
[Samson fish]

Photo by Østergaard, T.

Circumglobal in subtropic
Max. Length 250 cm TL
Seriola lalandi Valenciennes, 1833

Photo by Østergaard, T.
Seriola lalandi
[Yellowtail amberjack]

Photo by FAO

Eastern Pacific
Max. Length 57 cm FL
Seriola peruana Steindachner, 1881

Photo by FAO
Seriola peruana
[Fortune jack]

Photo by Suzuki, T.

Northwest Pacific
Max. Length 150 cm TL
Seriola quinqueradiata Temminck & Schlegel, 1845

Photo by Suzuki, T.
Seriola quinqueradiata
[Japanese amberjack]

Photo by Allen, G.R.

Circumglobal. Indo-West
Max. Length 160 cm FL
Seriola rivoliana Valenciennes, 1833

Photo by Allen, G.R.
Seriola rivoliana
[Longfin yellowtail]

Photo by Cox, C.

Western Atlantic
Max. Length 75 cm TL
Seriola zonata (Mitchill, 1815)

Photo by Cox, C.
Seriola zonata
[Banded rudderfish]
9 Species of Family Carangidae with Genus Seriola
(Jacks and pompanos)
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Year Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm)
1971 Seriola carpenteri Guinean amberjack Eastern Atlantic 72.5 TL
1810 Seriola dumerili Greater amberjack Circumglobal. Indo-West 190 TL
1793 Seriola fasciata Lesser amberjack Western Atlantic 67.5 FL
1876 Seriola hippos Samson fish Indo-Pacific 150 TL
1833 Seriola lalandi Yellowtail amberjack Circumglobal in subtropic 250 TL
1881 Seriola peruana Fortune jack Eastern Pacific 57 FL
1845 Seriola quinqueradiata Japanese amberjack Northwest Pacific 150 TL
1833 Seriola rivoliana Longfin yellowtail Circumglobal. Indo-West 160 FL
1815 Seriola zonata Banded rudderfish Western Atlantic 75 TL

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