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Sander lucioperca   picture (Saluc_l0.jpg) by Pinder, A.C. , FBA   
Sander lucioperca

Size (cm):  
Locality: United Kingdom,  
Sex/Stage: larvae 
Reference: Pinder, A.C., 2001. Keys to larval and juvenile stages of coarse fishes from fresh waters in the British Isles. Freshwater Biological Association. The Ferry House, Far Sawrey, Ambleside, Cumbria, UK. Scientific Publication No. 60. 136 p.  
Remark: Stage 1 - free embryos (with yolk sac) with no less than 19 pre-anal myomeres. Permission to use photos given by Dr Roger Sweeting of FBA. 
Entered: Sweeting, Roger - 01.05.02
Checked: Pinder, Adrian C.- 02.05.02
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