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Phalloceros titthos   picture (Phtit_f0.jpg) by Lucinda, P.H.F.  
Phalloceros titthos

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Size (cm): 3.59 SL
Locality: Brazil, Guaratuba, ParanĂ¡  
Sex/Stage: female 
Date: 1977-09-23 
Reference: Lucinda, P.H.F., 2008. Systematics and biogeography of the genus Phalloceros Eigenmann, 1907 (Cyprinodontiformes: Poeciliidae: Poeciliinae), with the description of twenty-one new species. Neotrop. Ichthyol. 6(2):113-158.  
Remark: MZUSP 79670; holotype 
Entered: Lucinda, Paulo Henrique Franco - 09.06.10
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