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Starksia langi   picture (Stlan_m0.jpg) by C.C. Baldwin et al.  
Starksia langi

Size (cm): 1.8 SL
Locality: Belize, Carrie Bow Cay,  
Sex/Stage: male 
Date: 2008-05-23 
Reference: Baldwin, C.C., C.I. Castillo, L.A. Weigt and B.C. Victor, 2011. Seven new species within western Atlantic Starksia atlantica, S. lepicoelia, and S. sluiteri (Teleostei, Labrisomidae), with comments on congruence of DNA barcodes and species. ZooKeys 79:21-72.  
Remark: USNM 398931, BLZ 8266, paratype; Photograph by Carole Baldwin, Cristina Castillo, and Donald Griswold. © Smithsonian Institution. 
Entered: Baldwin, Carole C. - 22.02.13
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