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Blenniella gibbifrons   picture (Blgib_m0.gif), Ref. No. 9962, Contact info. , Jeff Williams   
Blenniella gibbifrons

Size (cm): 6.5 SL
Locality: Marshall Islands, Bikini Atoll,  
Sex/Stage: male 
Reference: Springer, V.G. and J.T. Williams, 1994. The Indo-West Pacific blenniid fish genus Istiblennius reappraised: a revision of Istiblennius, Blenniella, and Paralticus, new genus. Smithson. Contrib. Zool. 565:1-193.  
Remark: drawing by J.R. Schroeder; USNM 142058 
Entered: Williams, Jeffrey T. - 11.08.97
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