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tn_Pldic_u2.jpg Pldic_u2.jpg Photo by Cook, D.C.
Philippines, by Cook, D.C. (Pldic_u2.jpg)
tn_Pldic_u5.jpg Pldic_u5.jpg Photo by Patzner, R.
Mauritius, by Patzner, R. (Pldic_u5.jpg)
tn_Pldic_u6.jpg Pldic_u6.jpg Photo by Winterbottom, R.
Fiji, by Winterbottom, R. (Pldic_u6.jpg)
tn_Pldic_u7.jpg Pldic_u7.jpg Photo by Winterbottom, R.
Thailand, by Winterbottom, R. (Pldic_u7.jpg)
tn_Pldic_j0.jpg Pldic_j0.jpg Photo by Winterbottom, R.
Comoros, by Winterbottom, R. (Pldic_j0.jpg)
tn_Pldic_u3.jpg Pldic_u3.jpg Photo by Randall, J.E.
Tahiti, by Randall, J.E. (Pldic_u3.jpg)
tn_Pldic_u4.jpg Pldic_u4.jpg Photo by Randall, J.E.
French Polynesia, by Randall, J.E. (Pldic_u4.jpg)
tn_Pldic_u1.jpg Pldic_u1.jpg Photo by Murdy, E.O./Ferraris, C.J., Jr.
Philippines, by Murdy, E.O./Ferraris, C.J., Jr. (Pldic_u1.jpg)
tn_Pldic_u0.jpg Pldic_u0.jpg Photo by Shao, K.T.
Taiwan, by Shao, K.T. (Pldic_u0.jpg)

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Photo by Paul Asman
Fiji, Wakaya, 2012-06-20, by Paul Asman
Photo by Jim Greenfield
Indonesia, 10.09, North Sulawesi, by Jim Greenfield
Photo by Andrey Ryanskiy
Indonesia, Bali, 11.2012, 10 cm, by Andrey Ryanskiy
Copyright © Richard BAJOL. All rights reserved. Image may not be used for any purpose without permission from the copyright holder.
Photo by Richard BAJOL
New Caledonia, Passe de Dumbéa, Recif interieur, 13 april 2013, by Richard BAJOL
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Pictures from the GICIM Database of the Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle
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MNHN 2010-1284, Nouvelle-caledonie (Pruvost & Irz, 2010)

Otoliths photos
PLDIC_o1.gif (PLDIC_o1.gif) by IRD
Photo by IRD

Early Life History Pictures
tn_Pldic_j0.jpg tn_Pldic_j0.jpg Photo by Winterbottom, R.
(Pldic_j0.jpg) by Winterbottom, R.