Family Giganturidae - Telescopefishes
No. in FishBase
Genera : 1 | Species : 2 Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
Fresh : No | Brackish : No | Marine : Yes
  First Fossil Record
Distribution: Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans. Large and tubular eyes, directed forward. Large mouth extending well behind the eyes. Mouth with sharp depressible teeth. Pectoral fins set high, above gill opening. No scales on body. Pelvic or adipose fins absent. Caudal fin forked; some rays in lower lobe elongated. Without premaxilla, orbitosphenoid, parietal, gill rakers, symplectic, branchiostegal rays, posttemporal, or supratemporal. Swim bladder absent. Silvery in color. Probably neotenic, i.e., retaining larval characters. Only two species according to Ref. 4537.
Latin gigas, giganteum = being of human form, savage race in the Greek mythology, destroyed by the Gods + Greek, oura = tail ( Ref. 45335).
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  Deep Fin Classification
Osteichthyes | Actinopterygii | Actinopteri | Neopterygii | Teleostei | Osteoglossocephalai | Clupeocephala | Euteleosteomorpha | Neoteleostei | Eurypterygia | Aulopa | Aulopiformes | Alepisauroidei | Giganturidae

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Species/Synonymy list for the family Giganturidae as currently in FishBase

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Unless it is explicitly precised, the list is not complete, please search all original names published for the family in the Catalog of Fishes (genera, species), including those with uncertain or unknown status, that are not included in FishBase when they are not attached to a valid species.

This list uses some data from Catalog of Fishes (not shown but used to sort names).

In the column CofF, the digit indicates the status of synchronization with CofF: 0: Not checked; 1: Same status;   2: Different status;   3: Other combination;   4: Synonym in CofF;   5: Species/Subspecies issue;   6: Synonym of another species in CofF;   7: Not in CofF;   8: Should not be in CofF. The CofF version currently used is the one published on 23-07-2014 (Ref. 97102).

The list ordered as follows:

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Scientifc name Status Senior/Junior synonym Combination CofF
Gigantura chuni Brauer, 1901
Gigantura vorax Regan, 1925
Gigantura indica Brauer, 1901
acceptedseniorchange in rank
Bathyleptus indicus (Brauer, 1901)
Rosaura indica (Brauer, 1901)
Gigantura gracilis Regan, 1924
Bathyleptus gracilis (Regan, 1925)
Rosaura rotunda Tucker, 1954
Bathyleptus lisae Walters, 1961
Rosaura lisae (Walters, 1961)
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